BISS Multi Ch. Kailua Lord Chester

Int Ch. Lord Of The Rings della Contea Normanna

MBISS/MBIS Am Ch. Coventry's Peace Negotiator

 MBISS/MBIS Am Ch.Innisfree's Chips Ahoy

BISS/BISCoventry's Lioness Pride

Chrisdon's Neverending Story

 MBISS/MBIS Am Ch. Highlander Austin Powers

AM/CAN Ch. Chrisdon's Brown Eyes Blue

Int Ch. Kailua De Ciukci

MBISS/MBIS Am Ch. Innisfree's Insider Trade

BISS AM Ch. Innisfree's Stockbroker

Innisfree Pearl of Kivalina

Can Ch. Bain's Northern Kittenont'Keys

CAN CH. Tazaric's Bourbon Street

CAn Ch. Bain's Northern More Than Words

EW '14 Multi Ch. Suspicious Minds of Silverlight

Ch. Little Player of Silverlight

Int Ch. Original of Wolf Point

CH. Innisfree Knight Frost

Ch. Radjiah of bakerlake

BIS Ch. Magic Dream of Wolf Point

BISS Ch. Sheair's Game Boy Advance

Ch. Kristari's Tya of Wolf Point

Ch. Cristal Star's Jezabel


Kossok's Cherokee Warrior

Int. Ch. Kossok's Gold Standard

Kossok's Living Doll

Seniya de Ciukci

Int Ch. Chiricote de Ciukci

Niagara de Ciukci