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Born : 19-01-2013

Breeder: Maria Teresa Garabelli, Allevamento di Cambiano

Owner: Thunder Road Siberians

HD A       ED 0       CEA 1       MDR1 + -



Open Class:

2°Exc.,Res CAC, National Dog Show of Lodi, 8-03-2015, jdg.Bottero

2°Exc., International Dog Show of Novegro, 10-01-2015, jdg Bocca

Intermediate Class:

4° Exc.,Collie Club Show of Palaia, 12-10-2014, jdg Alan Jones

1°Exc., Res CAC, National Dog Show of Salice Terme, 31-08-2014, jdg Ferdinando Asnaghi

2°Exc., Collie Club Show of Fubine, 25-05.2014, jdg Geraldine McEntee

Juniores Class:

1°V.P., National Dog Show of Laveno, 4-08-2013, jdg  Betty Mc Carry

Baby Class:

1°V.P.-Best Baby, 2°Best in Show Baby, Collie Club Show of Pisa, 9-06-2013, jdg Barry A. Makepeace