Let's Play of Wolf Point

My Magic Sward of wolf Point

Ch Nanook’s Winter Wind

Ch Innisfree On Credit

Innisfree’s North Wind Nori

Keral’Ghin’s Elanaveva

Giondalar del Keral’Ghin

Keral’Ghin’s Hermione-Grifondoro

Lakota De Mainake

Kristari’s Solocha E.J. O’Mainake

Am. Ch Kristari’s Tickle Me Elmo

Solocha’s Hearts Afire

Ch Chanel De Mainake

Am. Ch Innisfree’s Mayor of Eastwood

Ch Innisfree’s Gift to Mainake

Kalayaan's Cold Case at Thunder Road

Ch Allegro of Wolf Point

AmCH Can.CH BISS BIS Huskavarna's Forget Paris

CH.Solocha's Magnum PI

Dardian's Amanda Blueridge

R&HCH Magic Adventure Of Wolf Point

J&R&HCH Fast Little Boy In Alto Stat Virtus 

RJCH Iglu Dogs Lovly N'Cheecky 

JCh.Shine Like A Star Of Nordica


Oumiak’s That’ll Keep You

Ch.Arcticlight’s Magic Dream

Ch.Oumiak’s Oasis Shadrin

Ch.Oh Sweet Victory Of Nordica

Ch.Kristari’s Happy Globe Trotter

Ch. Love Me Do Of Nordica